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Ragdoll Cat

MNM Membership

Our membership plan is a fantastic way to save on routine treatments and spread the cost of preventative treatments such as vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.


The best part - all our members have unlimited consultations as part of their membership plan!

That means no more consultation fees whenever your pet needs to see a vet!

Hurry and join the MNM Club now. You don't want to miss this limited time offer!

VIP Membership

Unlimited Consultations

Don't let consultation fees put you off coming to the vet. Our members have access to our vets as often as they need for no extra cost

Anti-Parasite Treatments

All-year parasite protection delivered directly to your home including flea, tick and lungworm protection.


All core vaccinations are including Infectious Bronchitis in dogs and Leukaemia vaccine in cats

24/7 Vet Advice

Our Members have free access to our telemedicine vets 24/7 via the Vidivet App. Think of VidiVet as NHS 111 for your pets!

Administration Fees
10% off retail and food
Nurse Clinics

You'll never pay any administrative costs if you ever need to make a claim on your insurance policy

Including toys, treats, Pick 'n' Mix and prescription diets

Unlimited nurse consultations for help with weight management, senior pet health, arthritis, nail clips, anal gland expression and more!

Simply contact a member of our reception team to join us now

Best Start in Life

We believe that getting your pet off on the right foot is the best way to prevent unwanted problems later in life.

That's why we have created our puppy and kitten packs! Access to all of our team at an affordable price to help to make sure every puppy and kitten is able to get the best start in life.

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