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How it began

It started with a dream...

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After spending over a decade practising as a vet in Hertfordshire, Anish gained valuable experience in the traditional veterinary clinic getting to understand pets and learning what their owners expected too!

But it was when he got his first dog that he was left somewhat wanting and expecting more for both his patients and their owners and he truly realised it was time for change.

The dream was to:

- provide exceptional patient care and first class service

- minimise the stress and anxiety of vet visits for pets

- embrace new technologies to help save time and improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis

- create a warm and welcoming environment but still maintain clinical standards

- care for both pets and the planet by making veterinary care more sustainable.

The only way to achieve this was to start from scratch and attempt to create a new type of veterinary practice.


...the dream became reality

Anish enlisted the help of his friend and now business partner Kobi, who has a wealth of experience running and managing independent practices himself.


In the winter of 2021, building work began which involved demolishing two old farm barns (originally used as a milking parlour) and creating a new, purpose-built, independent veterinary practice, matching the original style of the surrounding farm buildings but with a modern twist! 

Large windows to bring in plenty of natural light into the reception area, totally separate dog and cat waiting areas and consult rooms, large open plan patient care areas, custom-built 'smart'-kennels, the use of digital technology and integrated equipment to create a truly paperless system, veterinary Artificial Intelligence and much more! 

You need to see it to believe it. Why not come and take a look?


The name was easy! Anyone that owns a pet will understand that from the day you get your first pet, they change your life forever. 

We are no different! Anish's two dogs Maximus and Minimus mean the world to him and he has always wanted to give them the best possible life and provide them with the best possible best care.  

Sadly our pets do not live as long as we do but the name Max & Min provides a legacy for them and helps to ensure that the vision of the practice is never lost or forgotten. 

'We care for your pets like we do our own - truly personal pet care'

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